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Hisar Website Development Services

Website development is a way to exploit the limitless resource, the Internet, by making your business accessible to clients worldwide through the Internet. Hisaronline provides personalized website development solutions to businesses according to their marketing needs. Established by experts in the field of Web development, our services combine user-friendly designs and strong Internet marketing expertise.

Corporate websites - Our corporate website development services provide you with a broader customer base and cost effective marketing solutions. We use proven website development methodology on every project implementing the best industry standards and protocols depending on project size and complexity.

Community portals - We have relevant experience in the area of collaboration and community portals development. With our collaboration portal development solution you will be provided with a portal where-

  • Users can post queries and receive replies
  • Discuss and interact with multiple users
  • Functionality modules such as Events calendar, membership management, volunteer ship opportunities etc.
  • 100% personalization of look and feel
  • Register as different user groups depending on type of community
  • Authentication of users
  • Users can create communities and interest groups
  • Users will have personal profile pages with a photograph
  • Users can share documents, notes and presentations

E-commerce website development - Create a shop front for your business without laying a single brick! Ecommerce website development allows you the flexibility of reaching customer’s irrespective of geographical location and the ability to be open for your clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without the added cost and overheads.

Hisaronline can create an Ecommerce website solution tailor made according to your business with -
  • Business transaction security: SSL and public/private key encryption
  • Member login to a password protected area
  • New member registration button and form
  • Search products individually or according to categories
  • E-questionnaires and forms
  • Online order processing
  • Shopping cart
  • Credit card acceptance and processing
  • Automatic sales tax calculation
  • "How to" - description of the e-transaction process
  • Site Map
  • Contact Us (e-mail launch)
  • Scrolling "Hot Deals' items in Java script
  • Solution (Product or service) descriptions
    • Text (technical specification
    • Pictures
    • Pricing
  • Links to different services (e.g. Currency Converter)
  • Customer response form
  • Graphic design and integration on the website with Flash animation and custom photos and graphics for the logo and products on the website

  • You as the owner of the website can
  • Receive a structured report on all details of the e-transactions
  • Update the back-end database
  • Expand the portal and add additional functionalities

  • Email portals - People around the world are keeping in touch through email. Hisaronline's email portals provide you with the following features –
  • Customizable inbox to send and receive emails –messages, pictures, videos etc
  • Access planners and calendars to keep track of tasks and upcoming events
  • Address Books to keep in touch with their friends, family and colleagues by listing names, work and home phone numbers, work and personal email addresses etc

  • Custom website development - Hisaronline can help you create website built around you business’s objective and strategic intent. Adopting the goals and principles of our clients as our own and working with them as a team allows us a clear insight into their business operations. This in - depth analysis helps us create the highly customized, integrated; contemporary, and interactive websites we are known for.